Computer, tablet and smartphone screens can strain the eyes and cause visual disturbances. Here are some tips to protect your eyes from the effects of screens:

Reduce screen time: Try to limit your screen time by taking regular breaks to rest your eyes.

Try viewing a screen in the dark: always use sufficient ambient lighting to avoid eye strain.

Adjust your screen brightness: Adjust your screen brightness to be comfortable for your eyes. Screens that are too bright or too dark can strain your eyes.

Use night mode: Many electronic devices offer a night mode that reduces the amount of blue light emitted from the screen, which can help reduce eye strain.

place your screen at a comfortable distance: your screen should be at a comfortable distance from your eyes. The ideal distance depends on screen size and resolution, but a distance of around 60-70cm is generally recommended.

Do eye exercises: Simple eye exercises can help reduce eye strain. For example, blink regularly to keep your eyes hydrated, or look into the distance once in a while to change the focus of your eyes.

Wear special glasses: If you work on a screen all day, special glasses with anti-glare and blue light filters can be useful to reduce eye strain.

By following these tips, you can reduce the negative effects of screens on your eyes. If you have vision problems or experience persistent eye pain or fatigue, see an ophthalmologist for an eye exam and personalized advice.